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Celine (name changeable) is a college student whose parents had recently lost their jobs. She lost her scholarship after failing to keep up her grades due to her family problems, and on top of that, she even got kicked out of the dormitory after being unable to pay the monthly rent. With nowhere to go, she seeks the help of her best friend, Lyle, who refers her to a family friend who accepts boarders in their house. But the said house already has occupants, cousins Joshua and Philippe, who seem to find something to fight about in every little thing. Caught in the middle of a fierce rivalry, how will Celine manage to get through this stage in her life?


Script & Coding: Ran
Sprites & CGs: jt - jtsketch
GUI Art: Tachiko


The game contains 2,789 dialogue blocks, containing 21,474 words and 112,495 characters, for an average of 7.7 words and 40 characters per block.

The game contains 5 menus, 117 images, and 12 screens.

This is only a 0.9 release. :) We still have to tweak a few more stuff, haha, but we wanted to make it to the SuNoFes deadline, so, here you go. Hope you enjoy playing! :)


Home_for_the-Heart-0.9-all.zip (126 MB)


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This one is great to Ran. Loved it.

That's great to hear! <3 And oh my, you really are checking out all of my games, haha. Thank you so much!!

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I love this game! Fallen in love with Joshua <3

Awww, so sweet! Thank you so much!