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My name is Lina, I'm a team leader of a russian fan made group "VNka":

We translate japanese and english visual novels to russian.

Our group have many finished projects:

I really like your otome novel "Home for the Heart".

Could you possibly give us permission to translate it into russian?


its been years :/


Has this been abandoned? :c


I couldn't play this game because it is so hard to me to read the text, it's because the color on the textbox and the text are too similar so I have to make a real effort in order to read one would be better if the contourn of the letters is a coloured by a darker pink.


Love this game! And the endings are so adorable. Quick question: on the Philippe route, near the end he says "Are you going to tell me that you've got leukemia and that I shouldn't have fallen for you in the first place?" Is that from A Walk To Remember? I just love that book and the movie and for some reason, that part reminded me of it.


There are some spelling errors that could be fixed in a newer update :)


Celine sure is splendid independent characters that rarely come in vn. No matter if it's Joshua's or Phillipe's route, the interaction feels real and cute (especially how the siblings war ends) x3


Hello, I really love this game! I find the art style adorable and the story to be very charming. I have only played Philippe's route because I am having trouble getting to Joshua's route. I think I've tried most of the combinations I'd like to know what I can do to get Joshua's route because I am interested in playing his route too. 

Here's the blog entry where I featured your game ;)



The art is so gorgeous and adorable , I wish the game was longer but only because I enjoyed it. The story is simplistic but fits, and its sooo cute and heartwarming. I really loved both guys, but Josh had to be my favorite.


Lovely game so far so good, but the color of the text is really hard to read. Had to stop because my eyes were hurting. The plot is really good, lighthearted and heartwarming. Hopefully font color can be tweaked :)


I enjoyed playing this! Love all the characters. The only thing I didn't like about it so far is a very minor thing the color of the text. At least for me I don't know if it did this for anyone else but the colors were very neon and hard to read sometimes because of it but besides that it is an awesome game!


This one is great to Ran. Loved it.

That's great to hear! <3 And oh my, you really are checking out all of my games, haha. Thank you so much!!

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I love this game! Fallen in love with Joshua <3

Awww, so sweet! Thank you so much!