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Good Work

did they do a complete overhaul on character designs because my game looks nothing like this, i like the version I have but its confusing when DLing

I think I played a way way different version of this, but I look super forward to playing this one. I absolutely loved the story for the original let's see what makes this one different. ^^

Hi, Ran I have the app which works for everything ,and the game still won't download on my mac.

Dont know if I commented on this one but Played it to its a fave of mine!

up I've tried several times to download the game and it wont work no madder what i try. help pleas

Hi there! I've replied to your earlier comment. :)

um the game wont download agin :) <3

Hello! I'm sorry for the late reply, if you still can't download through itch, you can try these links:

Thank you for the interest and the determination to try out this game! I really appreciate it. :)

ok thank you ill injoy for shor <3

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~I LOVED this game omg!!!<3

i liked how the dialogue changed with the choices, and how original each ending was. this game is like a 10 out of 10 for sure.

i learned so many things i didnt even know about, and i like how each of the routes just coincided with one another.

awesome game!^.^

p.s Arvins ending was thee best. omg


Awww, thank you so much! <3 I think it's awesome that people are still playing this years after its original release. :")

Your comment totally means a lot to me! Thank you, thank you!!


woah Phil. ahaha :o